Why Women?

Five seriously good reasons

+ Because women are the deciders

Not only do women control $18 trillion in spending power, but they make between 70 and 80 percent of household purchasing decisions. They decide not just for themselves, but on behalf of spouses, children, parents and pets. What women think matters a lot.

+ Because women are ready to hear a new kind of story

Women still don’t see themselves reflected in most marketing messages, which bombard them with archetypes: the beauty obsessive, the frazzled mom (ready to throttle the doofus dad), the professional ice queen. Women are very ready for a different kind of story – one that is complex, dynamic and authentic.

+ Because women are socially engaged

Women cluster around issues that matter to them. They want brands to stand for something. They want to feel good about their consumer choices.

+ Because women are evangelists

Show women love and they’ll show it back. Women are more vocal and active on social media than men, and they’re loyal brand ambassadors — far more likely to opt in to receiving newsletters, engage with retail promotions, provide product reviews, enter contests and join loyalty programs from the brands they love.

+ Because women are smart, funny and, yes, confident*

You might want to sit down for this. Not all women loathe their bodies. Not all women are mystified by their finances. Most women aren’t disdainful of younger women (and wouldn’t trade their 40s for their 20s for all the Insta-love in the world). In fact, most women have no interest in being told what’s wrong with them. Instead of brands manufacturing problems and selling solutions, women want to hear about solutions to problems they actually have.


*Hear from eleven smart, funny, confident women here